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scholarship INSTITUTIONS

Here you can find a list of institutions that provide a  range of scholarship opportunities 

Youth Opportunity scholarship, fellowship and more

Youth opportunity is a fabulous platform where you can find numerous opportunities such as Scholarship, Fellowship, Internship, Awards, Grant, etc.

Birbeck, university of London scholarships

Birbeck provides scholarship for British, EU and international students. It also includes scholarships in partnership with other organisations.

Scholarships for Development

Scholars4dev  international updated scholarship open to students from developing countries and international students in general. Opportunities to study abroad here! platform is a free search tool where students can find all the scholarships available online by simply filling up their details on the platform.

QS Top Universities, scholarships to study in the Uk

QS Top Universities, offer scholarship opportunities for students from different countries studying in different universities around the globe.

Opportunities For Africans scholarship, fellowship and more

OFA is one of the top platforms which provides Scholarships, Fellowships, Internship, and other programs for young Africans.